Official POAM Statement on Senate Bills 686-701

After we published all 16 Senate Bills, many of you have been asking for a breakdown. Our official statement is below.
“As we continue to engage on the recently introduced pension of OPEB legislative package, these are the core principles we are fighting for:
  1. Maintain our ability to collectively bargain.
    Many of these financial issues are being addressed locally through collective bargaining. We cannot support any legislation that takes away our ability to negotiate through the collective bargaining process.
  2. Protect our benefits that have been promised.
    POAM members put their lives on the line every day. We cannot support legislation that impacts the promises made in collective bargaining agreements. These promises were made, and they need to be kept.
POAM will continue advocating for our core principles and oppose things that erode our rights. Know that we are on the front lines fight for your benefits and the ability to collectively bargain.”