In the tight-knit community of Oscoda County, Michigan, Deputy Taylor Kann has served for a decade, both as a Deputy and as a Michigan State Trooper. Today, however, Deputy Kann and his wife, Tasha, face an unimaginable challenge and are seeking the support of the wider community.

Last year, Tasha was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma Grade III, a form of brain cancer, when she was 20 weeks pregnant with their second child. The Kann family has since received the devastating call from Tasha’s oncologist that the cancer had spread, now into Gliomatosis Cerebri, affecting her central nervous system and lobes of her brain. Treatment options for this diagnosis are limited.

Kann Family GoFundMe Page
Source: Kann Family GoFundMe Campaign

Speaking to the challenges of the past 12 months, and Tasha’s choice to fight cancer on her own terms and rely on her faith, Oscoda County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Grace and Special Deputy Ryan Blair provided this statement:

“For the Kann family, this goes to show the Lord hears us! All of us. Tasha, refusing their treatment, inevitability saved her life. Jesus has carried her this far and I know he isn’t done yet. Most patients with this disease are bedridden and die within months.

Tasha is here for the fight, and she hopes she has made that clear to everyone! The Lord’s report over her health speaks volumes over the doctors’ reports and she is here to testify!! Tasha will continue to stand firm in her faith and in His promises.

Over the last year, from the support of her family, friends, and community, she has been able to continue with alternative treatments that have kept her strong, and healthy, and have kept the cancer from growing/spreading or forming additional tumors.”

Tasha is now at the Burzynski Clinic in Texas for treatment, which is not covered by insurance, and their family asking for your support.

Supporting the Kann Family

As the couple navigates this difficult journey, the law enforcement community is rallying together to provide support, prayers, and financial assistance to help ease their burden. Our partner organization, Defender Mobility, has already pledged $2,500 to support the Kann family.

The law enforcement officer community is well-known for putting its all into serving and protecting the public, and it’s no different when it comes to the public offering support to our officers in times of need. The call of duty will always be there in the most challenging times, and with this family’s ongoing plan, the community can assist in continuing this life-saving treatment and achieve the positive outcome doctors are confident is within reach.

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The next rounds of treatments are $17,000 a month and will continue throughout the next 12 months, with the cost totaling $209,000. Contributions can be made through the official GoFundMe page, which will support the Kann family during their time in Texas for treatment.

Please consider donating through these various methods:

The community can also provide ongoing support by purchasing Team Tasha Shirts from the campaign website, which features 2 styles and 3 color options.