POAM 2021 Annual Convention Letter


POAM President Jim Tignanelli expresses his gratitude after this year’s Annual Convention event. After making changes and accommodations to have the event in September, and not in our normal month of May, it’s been really great to see the participation and feedback it received. Read more in his letter below.

Just a quick note to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who attended and/or supported our POAM convention on September 1-2, 2021!

Thank you to our Metro Detroit Police and Fire Pipe and Drum Corps for escorting the Eaton County Honor Guard during our opening ceremony! Each of you made it so special. I never tire of that march in! Thanks, also, to Denise Bach for her stirring rendition of our Star-Spangled Banner. Those present will tell you how cool it was to hear so many of those in attendance singing along with Denise. Very nice!

Our Wednesday seminar gathered about 150 and was outstanding. Attorney General Dana Nessel, along with lobbyists Matt Sowash (Lansing) and Dennis McGrann (DC) gave us a political update, and Tim Brown, our good friend from the FDNY, spoke of his experiences in and near the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. If you haven’t already, check Tim’s podcast on POAM.net. The room was absolutely still as he related the events of that day. Dr. Ken Wolf, our POAM Lifeline, gave a superb presentation on peer counseling and the Frontline Strong program.

Many thanks to those who assisted in the presentation of awards to our Police Officers of the Year and Distinguished Service recipients. Thanks to former Chief Justice Robert Young, former Justice Kurtis Wilder, Justice Richard Bernstein, state representative Mike Mueller, and Speaker Jason Wentworth of the Michigan legislature. All true supporters of those we represent.

The cocktail party on Thursday night was full steam ahead. Great food and entertainment for all. Many thanks to the many attendees and associations that donated to our Defender Mobility program through their purchase of 50/50 tickets. The money raised will not only allow us to purchase a second Trac Fab chair this year. It will also allow Defender Mobility (on behalf of POAM members) to make a significant contribution to the Tunnel to Towers Fund and Operation Pineapple.

Thanks to our many sponsors, the Amway staff and, of course, the POAM team for their hard work. Believe me, this was an event that had to be planned and executed in “passing gear.” As you know, the POAM convention has been a forty-year tradition in the month of May. Circumstances that all of you are too familiar with prohibited us from moving forward with this year’s plans until July 1st. An event that generally takes 8-10 months to put together was called to order in just about 60 days!

The upside to this was we pulled it off! The downside, of course, was that the late start made it difficult for many of you to arrange for the necessary time off. While over 350 were in attendance, many were forced to skip an event that you may have attended for decades. Let me be first to announce that next year’s convention will (Lord willing) take place at the Amway Grand on May 25-27, 2022.

Will we ever be “normal” again? Were “we” ever normal anyway? Be careful out there. The press is brutal, but the people you care about care about you too. Hang in there, POAM protects the protectors. The Choice of Professionals. Thanks for choosing us.


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