Annual Convention Live Stream

Join POAM live in Grand Rapids for Day 2 of our Annual Convention. Today’s agenda includes our Business Meeting and Police Officer of the Year Award presentations!

Congratulations to all!


One response to “2023 Annual Convention Live Stream

Posted by Kathleen Ann Fix

I would like to take this time to Thank all of the Great Men and Women in the Police Department for their Brave Service to help protect the citizens of all cities. My son Redford Police Officer Joshua Aaron Sutton whom I am so very Proud of every day knowing you are among those who serve and protect I and his father Stan E Sutton some how knew when Josh was at a very young age that he would grow up to be a law inforcement officer because of his attitude his worrisome little heart in every day life of those he loved most….his family. I also would like to add a special thank you to all the person’s who will always be there to support and have Josh’s back as you have in the past his grandparents, wife Amy, his children Isaac and Adalynn, his brother Joseph and sister Ashley his brothers and sisters in Blue and all of his family. The support you have all given and continue to give is very much appreciated ❤️ I ask our lord to continue looking over our Police Officer’s and Bring each one home safe

Posted on May 27, 2023 at 10:06 AM

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