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Last Updated: April 17, 2024

Calibre Press is the nation’s most recognized and respected law enforcement training organization. They offer hundreds of courses each year on topics ranging from active threat engagement and assault detection & response to highway patrol tactics, leadership, and more. They aim to develop smarter, safer, more successful law enforcement officers. Calibre Press has trained more than one million officers nationwide over its 40 years-long history. In addition to in-person training courses, Calibre also offers flexible training measures, including live online training and agency rental programs.

Department-Wide Training Program Rentals

Most Calibre Press Online Training Courses are now available for department-wide training through a 30-day rental program (extended rental periods may be discussed). Pricing is established on a per-officer basis, depending on the agency’s size. This option allows all officers in your agency to receive any training, day or night, regardless of their shift or location, at an affordable price. Officers will also receive a certificate upon completion of the training. 

Available Training Opportunities

Deescalate & Intervene

At a moment when some individuals appear inclined to defy even the simplest forms of collaboration with law enforcement, the capacity of an officer to effectively defuse a situation becomes paramount.

Online, $199 Per Officer – Register

Competitive Edge for Probation and Parole

This program advocates for the idea that both career advancement and the safety of officers hinge on their capability to swiftly and accurately assess others.

Available for 30-Day On-Demand Rent – Register

Scenarios and Tactics for the Field Training Officer

This course was designed by subject matter experts and experienced Field Training Officers on both local and state levels and includes well-researched training techniques and in-depth analysis of dozens of actual police videos for teaching rookie and/or more inexperienced officers.

Online, $359 Per Officer – Register

Interview & Interrogation: Eliciting the Truth and Determining Deceit

This series will develop and strengthen your ability to conduct thorough interviews and interrogations effectively by covering an impressive span of basic to more specialized skills and strategies.

Online, $399 Per Officer – Register

Women In Command

Become a more effective female leader in a male-dominated industry. Gender-diverse command staff yields unique ideas, insights, and solutions that improve communities. Learn to maintain a professional, positive, and inspiring climate by mirroring the traits and skill sets that make other leaders successful.

Online, $199 Per Officer – Register

Introduction to Crisis Intervention Training

Facing substantial budgeting shortfalls, manpower shortages, and significant recruitment
and retention issues across police departments, most officers are not able to attend a full 40-hour CIT training program. In that, we’ve created a one-day introduction to the CIT program which will provide the proper knowledge base and confidence for all officers who encounter individuals with mental illness.

Online, $199 Per Officer – Register Here 

Report Writing: 5 Key Elements of a Professional Police Report

In this course, we will discuss the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of a professional police report and focus on 5 key elements that make the difference between a good report and a professionally sound report that will hold up in court.

Online, $159 Per Officer – Register

First Amendment Auditors: Legal Strategies, Enforcement & Current Case Law

In this powerful new program, seasoned attorney Scott Wood will interpret the parameters and nuances associated with the First Amendment and spotlight how they impact police officers.

Online, $159 Per Officer – Register

Legally Justified; But Was It Avoidable?

Through real-time analysis of body cam and in-car video of numerous force encounters, this course non-judgmentally but candidly evaluates officers’ tactical options, decisions, and behavior in situations where force may—or may not—have been avoidable.

Online, $199 Per Officer – Register

Acute Stress & Human Performance Considerations for Force Events

This program educates everyone on the scientific realities of acute stress and how it impacts an officer’s ability to perform during a force event. It will also examine how fast people can move and the expectations we put on officers when making decisions, often in milliseconds.

Online, $199 Per Officer – Register

Finding The Leader In You

Your leadership style affects the culture of your organization. More than ever, officers need leaders who create, cultivate, and maintain a positive, motivating environment. Using current events and recent incidents, this course offers tools to embrace values like trust, empowerment, and recognition of the individual as the most valuable resource.

Online, $219 Per Officer – Register

Street Survival 2024

Updated, expanded & iconic! Blends foundational officer safety principles with the unique challenges officers face today. Learn to survive deadly threats while making legal and tactically sound decisions under stress to protect everyone involved. 

Online, $199 Per Officer – Register

Emotional Survival For The Female Enforcer

Emotional Survival for Female Enforcers focuses on overcoming the 24/7 demands of a career serving and protecting a community, home, and family.

Online, $199 Per Officer – Register

Constitutional Use of Force

Develop practical knowledge of the Constitutional parameters for using force, understand scientific factors that affect officer performance under stress, and evaluate the impact of video on investigations & public perception.

Online, $199 Per Officer – Register

Reading People: Becoming a Body Language Expert

Learn to uncover lies and detect deception by evaluating body language and reading conscious and unconscious cues.

Online, $199 Per Officer – Register

Female Enforcers: Advanced Mental, Physical and Tactical Skills

This is a must for female officers. Its full-circle learning approach covers the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of being a woman wearing a badge.

Online, $199 Per Officer – Register

Language of Lies: Detecting Deceptive Behavior

How can you spot when someone is lying? By studying the craft. The art of it and the science of it. The Language of Lies is a program founded in psychology, biology, and, most importantly, decades of experience on the part of seasoned investigators and hostage negotiators who have dealt with people endlessly telling untruths. 

Online, $159 Per Officer – Register

Leadership In A Corrections Environment 

Raise the Bar is a six-hour course designed to address the realities of being a leader in a correctional environment. This class helps leaders understand their true professional role, including hiring and retaining their staff, leading the rising generation of new employees, and effectively transitioning from peer to supervisor.

Online, $219 Per Officer – Register

Advanced Patrol Tactics

Injuries and deaths – to officers and citizens – and damage that negatively impacts the police/community relationship most often occur during “routine” uniformed police duties. Street Patrol is one of the most common yet dangerous actions police officers perform. Responding to calls in progress, traffic stops, and citizen encounters are leading causes of grievances and physical harm.

6-Hour Program & Available Online, $199 Per Officer – Register

Surviving Hidden Weapons

This class will give students the tools to understand the functional designs criminals use to conceal every type of weapon designed to injure or kill law enforcement personnel.

Online, $159 Per Officer – Register 

Responding to People Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis

This course introduces officers to common mental illnesses and social and developmental disorders, including autism. Students will also be presented with strategies that could enhance decision-making, effectively assist with your approach and help provide them with the skills to understand better those afflicted with these issues.

Online, $159 Per Officer – Register

Roadway Tactics: Avoiding Preventable, Fatal Behaviors

More officers are killed and injured in and around their vehicles than by felonious assaults. A cultural shift must occur regarding roadway activities to drastically reduce these numbers. Roadway Tactics focus on dangers, including operating motor vehicles on patrol, pursuits, and emergency responses to positioning on stops, directing traffic, and assisting on accident scenes.

Online, $159 Per Officer – Register

Officer Safety For Corrections

Behind The Wall is a one-day course designed to address the realities of working in a jail or correctional environment and enhance officer safety. This course is constantly evolving, incorporating current events and relevant supporting material that meet the needs of today’s jail deputies, corrections officers, and facility administrators.

Online, $199 Per Officer – Register

Implicit Bias: Understanding Its Impact on Actions and Decisions

In this course, we will dissect all implicit or explicit biases and examine whether we have any that are illicit, particularly regarding race and cultural diversity. Biases that could cause officers to view certain people as inherently dangerous unconsciously can result in inaccurate assessments, flawed decisions, unprofessional behavior, and unnecessary use of force.

Online, $159 Per Officer – Register 

Promotional Strategies for Female Officers: Expert Guidance on Becoming a Police Leader

This program focuses on every element of the pursuit of a promotion, from resume prep and obtaining effective study materials to understanding the interview process and improving your overall presence during face-to-face interactions. Deputy Chief Cyndy Velazquez (ret.) shares first-hand tips that prepare aspiring police leaders for peak performance during the promotional process.

Online, $159 Per Officer – Register 

Advanced Leadership For A “Police Reform” Era

Police work is changing, and the demands on law enforcement leaders and their officers are increasingly challenging and complex. How can you, as a police supervisor, refocus on the “new era” of policing while remembering the core reason most of us started: To serve, help, and protect?

Online, $219 Per Officer – Register

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