2018 SMMART Honor Guard Training

SMMART Honor Guard Training
SMMART trainees practicing their salutes during the Tuesday, September 11th training session.

As a long-time sponsor, POAM applauds the Sheriff’s & Municipal Memorial Assistance Response Team (SMMART) under the leadership of Dan Foley. This program takes very special individuals and trains them to handle tragic situations in the most special way.  Many couldn’t do this task – Dan finds their best qualities and makes them even better!

The Start of SMMART

“In 2003, the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association (MSA) recognized the need to assist agencies and the officers’ families through the trauma of having to deal with the death of a police officer. This resulted in a team offering support in the areas of funeral planning, benefits coordination and stress management. First, know as SMART (Sheriffs Memorial Assistance Response Team), the team responds when officers are killed in the line of duty, as well as when active duty officers are killed or die suddenly while off-duty. There are different protocols for each type of funeral and the team stands ready to serve at any time.”

While the SMMART team stands ready to respond at any time, the team members hope that each call they go on will be their last.

2018 Honor Guard Training

SMMART held their annual five-day Honor Guard training for team members. The Honor Guard School trains students on basic protocol and ceremonial practices, as well as flag law and flag etiquette when handling the National Color. 

You can view pictures from the training, or watch the recap video below about SMMART’s Honor Guard training.

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For More Information

For more information on SMMART, please contact MSA at 517-485-3135.

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