Police Week Michigan Announcement

The Police Week Michigan has released a statement about their organization’s foundation, how you can help, and the importance of this week for law enforcement. See the full letter below.

Police Week Official Letter

Dear Officer:

We want to make sure you are aware: as of last week, a citizen effort has launched in Michigan for your benefit that we are calling, Police Week Michigan. It is our ambition to honor President John F. Kennedy’s 1962 original intentions, to remember the fallen but also celebrate and honor the officers currently serving and their families.

I wanted to introduce myself and make sure you are aware of what is and will be circulated over the weeks to come.

I am “just a citizen.” I am a small town girl from southern Michigan who was taught by a family to honor those who work hard for my freedom. I spent over a dozen years in the statewide political arena and have a deep passion for my nation. As attacks have increased on our Law Enforcement, the agony in my heart has grown. It just simply is not acceptable to me. (You can learn more about me here.)

While conferring with my friend Sheriff Mike Bouchard, he expressed to me the desire that “Police Week” would become recognized like Memorial Day. I did not know what Police Week was but upon investigation, I asked Sheriff Bouchard, what about doing a statewide effort?

So, here we are. Our leadership is small. We are in the process of forming this into a 501(c)3 so that we can have ongoing long term impact on your behalf, not just a “once a year” occurrence.

Our focus on this cause is not political. This is not about one person or one region of the state. We are not doing this because we are running for office. We are not here to push an agenda. We are here to serve you and hopefully help Michigan citizens find their voice in supporting you. We are confident that a majority of Michigan citizens are with us but they have not known how to find their voice or show their support.

How You Can Help

I wanted to honor you with making sure you are informed of our plans, thus this communication.

If and when you come across citizens that are strong supporters of yours, please feel free to tell them what we are doing:

  • Ask people to sign up for our email lists
  • They can print out flyers and encourage others in the community to join us
  • Join our Facebook page, tag us with important posts, and encourage them to be part of the conversation
  • Let us know (info@policeweekmichigan.com) of memorials taking place that we can hopefully list them on our website
  • Feel free to reach out to us at any time with requests or questions (info@policeweekmichigan.com)

Note: Please email any media contacts you would like placed on our Press Release list.

Our website will be a gathering place where events can be featured, good news stories can be shared, and simple ideas for ways people can honor our law enforcement in May as well as throughout the year. We look forward to promoting other organizations and efforts that are working on your behalf (you can see a current list of supporters on our site.)

We will also be:

  • Advancing word of our effort, reinforced by facts and stories pertaining to the good work of law enforcement to media throughout Michigan
  • Inviting small businesses and big corporations to be sponsors, and/or do something to convey their support in a way that fits their culture (i.e. store discounts, etc.)
  • Encouraging schools to engage their students
  • Approaching state government to make that week an official Police Week for 2019
  • Asking churches, houses of worship, and religious centers to specifically pray for our law enforcement
Why We Believe this Is Important Now

In the latest political climate, you – our law enforcement – have taken a very bad beating. It is time for the public narrative to change so it reflects the truth: the majority of America’s citizens support and appreciate our Law Enforcement.

We are going to be calling on citizens to take a stand, speak up, and show their public support for Michigan’s Law Enforcement. It is time the story and the headlines change in our state, and we believe a tipping point can be created. This is our hope, our prayer, and our ardent goal.

Officer, thank you for all that you do for me, my family, our state, and nation. I speak for thousands and millions when I say, you are our heroes.

– Amy Hawkins

For Additional Information

If you have any questions or comments about the Police Week Michigan initiatives, please contact:

Amy Hawkins, the Citizen Chair for Police Week 2019, by email, info@policeweekmichigan.com, or visit the Police Week Michigan’s website.

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