POAM is proud to announce an effort to train and prepare future leaders in law enforcement labor representation. Our first Leadership Council Program will begin August 24th.

We are very enthused about its potential and what it will bring to POAM’s continuing effort to be the very best in Michigan.

About the leadership council

Our first members of our leadership council will be:

  • Mike Gerald from Center Line POA
  • Brandon Blake from Clinton Twp POA
  • Eric Ronewicz from Ann Arbor POA
  • John Graver from Grand Blanc POA
  • Doug Wortley from Saginaw POA
  • Joe Walker from Ottawa County Corrections Officers Assoc.

Who Are They?

These men have been active, stand-up officers working with POAM throughout the years and we see great potential in mentoring them to be the future of POAM. They’re ambassadors; liaisons.

How Are They Chosen?

POAM has vetted and chosen individuals based on personal experience, each having 8-15 years before they retire from the job. These guys are the same kinds of men that win the POAM Loyalty Awards each year. They’re guys that don’t do stuff for money, they’re always there for us, and they always answer the call.

Three men out of the initial group were chosen by outstanding service that POAM President Jim Tignanelli noticed, and another three were referred. As it turns out, we have guys representing us from the west, north, south, and east sides of the state. It has turned out really well.

How Can I Get Involved?

Any of our members who want more information on this new program should direct their questions to Jim Tignanelli at jtignanelli@poam.net. 

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