Statements on the Patrick Lyoya shooting

Gov. Whitmer, Lt. Gov. Gilchrist II Statements on Shooting of Patrick Lyoya

LANSING, Mich. – Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II issued the following statements on the shooting of Patrick Lyoya in Grand Rapids.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer

The Lieutenant Governor and I spoke with Patrick’s family and our hearts are with them and the Grand Rapids community who are dealing with unimaginable pain and loss. Patrick was 26. He arrived in the United States as a refugee with his family fleeing violence. He had his whole life ahead of him. Patrick was a son, a dad of two young daughters, and an older brother to his five siblings.

The Michigan State Police will conduct a transparent, independent investigation of the shooting. Then, prosecutors must consider all the evidence, follow the law, and take appropriate action on charges. Justice is foundational to safety, and without justice, we are all less safe.

Patrick’s father asked me to convey his hope that any demonstrations in his son’s honor remain peaceful, and as Governor I share this view. We must come together and build a future where Black Michiganders are afforded equal rights, dignity, and safety in our communities. I will never stop fighting to make Michigan a more equitable and just state.

Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II

Governor Whitmer and I spoke to Patrick Lyoya’s family. They are feeling the deep pain that too many have felt, a terrible loss in a moment that feels all too sickeningly familiar. His father Peter described his son as a generous and caring man whom he wants to be remembered peacefully. Patrick was a loving father, a loyal friend, and a proud member of the Grand Rapids community who enjoyed sharing fellowship and culture with those around him.

I am heartbroken by what we all have witnessed as a father, public servant, and a Black man. People are frustrated and hurting—searching for answers. Black people in Grand Rapids, in Michigan, and across the country are mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted from generations of struggle. Yet we press on. When we demonstrate and make our voices heard, we must do so in a way that lifts our call for justice beyond the deepening the pain of this community. We must never cease our efforts to reverse inequities, create systemic change, and guarantee justice for communities of color. We must recommit ourselves, through our words and deeds, to working together to build a more perfect union and a Michigan with equality and justice for all, where every interaction within our community, especially those with law enforcement, end with everyone able to return home to their families without harm.

It is critical now to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation to achieve justice, deliver accountability, and understand what happened, for Patrick Lyoya’s family as expeditiously as possible.

AG Nessel Provides a Statement

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel shared the following statement Wednesday following the release of a video showing the police-involved shooting death of Patrick Lyoya:

I have every expectation that the Grand Rapids Police Department will fully cooperate with the Michigan State Police in their investigation and that the local prosecutor will perform a thorough analysis of the facts of law that apply in this case. As always, the Department of Attorney General is available to provide assistance to the county prosecutor, in the event Mr. Becker determines the expertise of my department is warranted.

Statement from Tudor Dixon

We may not have ‘all the facts.’ But we have video, and it shows enough.

The police officer spent well over a minute trying to subdue Lyoya. Lyoya completely refused to comply. Instead, he chose to physically and aggressively resist.

He chose to take control of the officer’s taser, which the officer ordered him to drop repeatedly for over a minute.

A police officer in that situation has an unenviable, split-second, life-altering choice to make: take a life, or risk losing his own.

I am sorry for the Lyoya family. A life lost is a tragedy for those left behind, regardless of the circumstances.

However, I stand unequivocally with the police officer and our law enforcement officers in general.

Far more shamefully, though, even my Republican opponents are cowering in fear, issuing mealy-mouthed “let’s wait and see” statements and hoping this all blows over.

I am not afraid.

I will always speak up for what is true and what is right.

Michigan has a crime problem. According to FBI crime statistics, we are home to the most violent major city in America. But nobody wants to talk about that—especially my opponents from Southeast Michigan.

The most basic, fundamental requirement for a civilized society to function is general respect for the rule of law.

That means following police orders.

We will not normalize people resisting arrest and physically aggressing police.

Under a Dixon administration, violent criminals and those who endanger police will have no quarter in Michigan.

If you want to commit crimes and jeopardize the lives of our men and women in blue, you can head on down to Chicago or wherever doesn’t care if you hurt or kill people.

We will not let this officer – or any officer – be sandbagged for reasonably protecting themselves and our communities by weak politicians who are afraid to say and do what is right.




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I stand strong on the side of the police God bless out officers

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