On Thursday, March 21, 2019, members from the Police Officers Association of Michigan, including President Jim Tignanelli, Legislative Director Ken Grabowski, Executive Board member Reggie Crawford, and Wayne County DSA 1st Vice President Robin Hornbuckle, attended the Michigan Legislative Consultants‘ client exclusive Budget, Revenue, and Reforms Briefing with Governor Whitmer as special guest.

In details, read the story below that was first featured on Michigan Legislative Consultants’ email newsletter.

MLC Welcomes Governor Whitmer to 2019 Budget, Revenue and Reforms Briefing

Governor Whitmer Attends MLC Briefing

On Thursday, we proudly hosted Governor Whitmer at our client exclusive MLC Budget, Revenue, and Reforms Briefing. The Governor presented, “The Road to Opportunity,” which provided attendees deep insight into her recently released Executive Budget recommendation to the legislature. While she touched upon several core issues, including the need for infrastructure improvement, education, and safe drinking water, she unveiled other key priorities that will be “intertwined and must move forward as pieces in a puzzle.”

Governor Whitmer Attends MLC Briefing

SML Shirkey Shares Insights

MLC clients also had the opportunity to hear from Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R-Clarklake) who provided the legislative perspective on the budget process. As expected with Senator Shirkey, the discussion was candid and detailed. While he agreed with many of the main goals of the governor, Senator Shirkey sees the path to accomplishing those goals very differently.


Governor Whitmer Attends MLC Briefing


HFA Director Provides Budget Background

The director of the House Fiscal Agency, Mary Ann Cleary, walked us through a similar presentation that she provides to new legislators. As the director, she plays a pivotal role in crafting the state budget and her insight is invaluable. It also provided a look into what the legislators are hearing and learning as they enter the budget process and how their actions and opinions may be shaped as a result.

Following each presentation, MLC clients participated in a robust Q&A discussion with the Governor, Senate Majority Leader, and House Fiscal Agency Director. A unique and educational opportunity for all that attended.

MLC is proud to host many client exclusive events each year. If you were able to join us, thank you for attending! If not, we hope you can join us next year. Also, please keep an eye out for more MLC events to be held in 2019.

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