POAM Legislative Report – May 2019

At the 2019 annual POAM convention, a panel discussion was held to provide an update on OPEB and pensions discussions, including providing a legislative update. As you are aware, legislation was passed in 2017 requiring a financial board to review all communities funding levels for pensions and retirees health care. The Municipal Stability Board (MSB) can also recommend action for local governments to take, if needed. The MSB consists of 3 appointees including one designated to represent public employees. POAM recommended retired Oakland County Chief Judge Barry Howard and he was appointed to represent the interests of public employees. Judge Howard gave a presentation on the MSB’s work and review of unfunded liabilities of local governments across Michigan. 

Appendix 1: Shows all communities who have reported to the commission, and their status on whether a corrective plan is needed or not to address each units OPEDS obligations.


Appendix 2: Shows a select group of communities showing their spending levels towards OPED costs in relationship to budgets.


POAM Legislative Director, Ken Grabowski and POAM lobbyist Matt Sowash also provided a legislative update on issues impacting law enforcement at the State Capitol.

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