Last week, POAM had its first Leadership Council class. We couldn’t be more happy with the men who represent it. POAM has vetted and chosen individuals based on personal experience, each having 8-15 years before they retire from the job. They’re guys that don’t do stuff for money, they’re always there for us, and they always answer the call.

POAM Leadership Council

“The initial meeting of POAM’s first Leadership Council took place August 24th and the potential for something great seems to be on the horizon.  I am certainly impressed with our first “class” of candidates.  A great group from a long list of interested members was gathered at the POAM office in Redford.  It began with introductions and an exchange of goals and opportunities.  POAM General Counsel joined me, Gregg Allgeier, Dave LaMontaine and Dan Kuhn. 

The academy will be treated like board members and have full access to all the resources our staff and experiences can provide them.  They will participate in arbitrations, legislative meetings and a variety of other services we can schedule for them.  These are all active law enforcement members that include city, township, and county departments from across the state. 

Our goal is to prepare them to be the best local representatives they can be while they connect us to the active members we represent.  In short, we’re going to learn from them too!  I’m very excited about the potential this new direction offers. 

Any members who care to express interest in future opportunities like this should contact me at the POAM office.” – Jim Tignanelli, POAM President

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