2022 Updates on the Horizon

POAM President Jim Tignanelli shares important updates regarding 2022 updates on the horizon, including legislative, Police Week in D.C., and Annual Convention in Grand Rapids. Learn more, and reach out to your Business Agent or our contact page for more information or comments.

Legislative Updates

Good day to each of you. There is so much going on right now that it seems I arrive at the office each morning with the intention of writing but something new that causes me to wait happens that same day! As I write this, there is a hearing scheduled to discuss 312 for corrections officers. How many times has that been on the agenda? How many years? Nothing to report as yet but stand by.

Also, there is a bill that has passed the Michigan House and moved to the Senate that includes about $300 million for local governments/departments. Too many things to list at this moment, but they include recruiting and retention monies and reimbursement for PTO used during ordered COVID isolations. Rumor is the Senate will act before the end of February. Should be helpful if what we hear it to be is actually how it ends up on paper. Once again, stand by!

Police Week

Save the date, save the date! Police Week in Washington, D.C. is back to its traditional dates of May 12-15, 2022. It has been described as the best and worst day all rolled into one. Everyone needs to visit the memorial during Police Week. It is the most tranquil and thoughtful place for us to gather and think of those who you know or have heard of who made that ultimate sacrifice. Some will make you cry, and still some others will make you smile. The good news is there are hundreds around you with those same feelings. Try to make it.

Please join us at the Tune Inn, now a POAM tradition, on the evening of May 12th, if the law allows as vaccination may be required (stand by for additional information). What started as a group of 12-15 people has now become well over 150 persons. (Don’t tell the fire marshal!) We will have a courtesy van available to take you back and forth to Judiciary Square. 2021 was a rough year. With the exception of 2001, the deadliest year in decades. Let’s pay our respects and then bless each other with a hug and some refreshments.

2022 Annual Convention

Save the date, save the date! The POAM convention returns to that 50-year tradition of the last Wednesday-Thursday in May. Yes! Keep an eye on your mail but know that we will begin with our seminar on May 25th and present our Police Officers of the Year Awards on May 26th. The usual poker run and cocktail party will be on the schedule too. I’m not sure “normal” will ever be “normal” again, but we are going to do all we can to build an “oasis” in Grand Rapids so you can surround yourself with like-minded people where you can be yourself for a couple of days.

I was pleasantly surprised when nearly 400 showed up in GR in September last year. There were those who would’ve bet against that but not me! Our people had worked hard throughout the first 15 months of COVID, and those couple of days were worth all the effort. Come join us in May at the Amway once again. Registration starts soon.

Send us your recommendations for Police Officer of the Year before March 15th, please. Very important.

Mobile App

Last request! Do it now! Download the POAM app! Only takes a minute. Register your department email address so you get “instant notifications.” All of the same time-sensitive information you get at POAM.net. You can register for the convention on the app too! (Hey, if I can do it, you can!)

– JT

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