2020 Good Cop Nominees

POAM is kicking off 2020 by honoring the Good Cops in-and-outside of our departments and surrounding counties. We’re excited to honor these individuals.

*DISCLAIMER: Good Cop is a separate nomination from our annual Police Officer of the Year recipients at our Annual Convention in May.

These Good Cop nominees are outstanding officers who have been nominated by friends and colleagues. Read more. 

February Good Cops

Corporal Anthony Parker

Corporal Anthony Parker serves with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department. A fellow colleague, Officer Nikia Hill, nominated Corporal Parker for a Good Cop.

Officer Hill stated Officer Parker is “a dedicated hard worker. Recently at the Wayne County Sheriff’s department, he helped save someone’s life by administering CPR. He is brave and good at serving the community.”

Thank you, Corporal Parker, for your service and commitment to law enforcement. 

January Good Cops

Officer Adam Sheehan

In March 2019, Huron Township Police Department’s Officer Adam Sheehan responded to a house fire call that ultimately tested his heroism. He arrived at the scene of the crime, and he learned that a woman was still in the burning house. He ran inside to help get her out to safety. There were no casualties. Visit this article to learn more about the incident. 

Thank you, Brian Kostielney, for submitting Officer Sheehan as a Good Cop for POAM to represent. 

Officer Bryan R. Borowski

Bridget Ryan nominated Detroit Police Department’s Officer Bryan R. Borowski. 

Ryan stated that Borowski “continuously performs to the highest standards as a police officer in most challenging environments, and as an amazing family man and friend in all communities.”

Thank you, Officer Borowski, for your service and commitment to law enforcement. 

Deputy Collette Newman

Great police officers are inspired by great leaders. This rings true for Deputy Chris Metropoulos who nominated the police officer who helped him earn the title of “cop,” Office of Genesee County Sheriff’s Deputy Collete Newman. Metropoulos shares the story below – read more. 

“To explain why Newman deserves this recognition requires me to also tell my story a little. I started my career at the Sheriff’s Office in 1999. I worked 5 years in the jail, then in our radio room for 12 years. I decided after 17 years I wanted to go through the police academy. Initially, I believed after the academy I would go and finish the remainder of my time working in our courts. However, Sheriff McKenna taught in my academy and was so inspirational that I decided I needed to earn the title of ‘cop.’ I always tell people that Sheriff McKenna was so inspirational he could talk to an 80 year old woman and make her want to put on a badge and a cape and become a ‘superhero cop.’

When I was finished with the academy, I started looking for inspiration and guidance on how to earn the title. I initially returned to the radio room and had continued access to multiple police officers. As I navigated through those I work with, I found myself asking Deputy Newman more and more of the how’s and why’s on how she handled her situations in real life and hypothetical cases.

When I made my way to the road and started my journey to earn the title, Deputy Newman was always there and continued to help and assist me in any matters I had.

Deputy Newman works for the Office of Genesee County Sheriff’s department as a certified officer and as a paramedic, a double duty that most are not equipped to handle mentally and physically. However, she has been able to become the best at both. I can attest if I was in need of emergency medical services, I would hope she would be the first on the scene to render me aid; and if I needed a police officer to help me in a moment of crisis, I would hope she would be one of the first on scene.

Deputy Newman also has the distinction of being the first female we have had on the department to be a part of our containment team. No matter the task in front of her, she always pushes through it with grit and perseverance and then seeks out the next assignment.

It is my true belief that she is a ‘cop’s cop’ and deserves to be recognized for her continuous efforts to be the best she can be.”

Thank you, Deputy Chris Metropoulos, for nominating Deputy Newman. POAM appreciates you sharing the story of how you became a police officer and those who helped you along the way, as well as all of our January Good Cop nominees.

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