pa 312 & additional Lame Duck final Updates

Early last Friday, the Michigan Legislature completed its 2018-2019 legislative session. Over 300 bills were voted on during the month-long lame duck. Working with our coalition of Public Safety Organizations, POAM was able to defeat several legislative proposals that would have serious implications for public safety employees.

  • Legislation requiring bi-annual union recertification. We were able to successfully stop this legislation from ever receiving a vote in either the House or the Senate.
  • Legislation allowing municipalities to pool active employee healthcare premiums with retiree healthcare premiums was successfully defeated. This would have increased health care costs for POAM members. The full Senate voted on this bill and it did not have the votes needed to pass. Despite significant pressure, we were able to successfully stop this legislation.
  • Legislation prohibiting paid-union release time was successfully stopped in the House. This legislation has been pushed for several years and we were able to secure an exemption for PA 312 and corrections employees. However, the legislature was never able to secure the necessary votes.
  • We were able to successfully stop any legislation impacting OPEB or pension benefits. While we have had several threats the last 2 years, we have once again proved successful in our legislative efforts.

As we head into 2019 with a new legislature and a new Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, we will continue fighting for you. It is a privilege to represent you at the State Capitol.

On behalf of the entire POAM organization, Happy New Year!

Kenneth E. Grabowski

POAM Legislative Director

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