$25 million Awarded to School Districts and Academies for Hiring School Resource Officers

The Grants and Community Services Division (GCSD), a division of the Michigan State Police (MSP) announced a plan to award $25 million in grant funds, distributed across three years, for 195 school districts, intermediate school districts, and public school academies to hire school resource officers. Through the GCSD, the Office of School Safety distributes grants, engages with policymakers, and promotes methods to create safe and secure learning environments for Michigan students. The school resource officer grant was awarded to each school district based on whether there was a current school resource officer. The funds focus on school communities with lower student enrollment, less total per-student funding, and remote schools where law enforcement response times can be high.

“These grants will help us hire almost 200 more School Resource Officers so we can make sure our children, teachers, and staff are safe at school. Let’s keep working together to make record investments in our students and improve their classroom experience, build up school infrastructure, hire excellent educators, and invest in their comprehensive well-being, from mental health to safety.” – Gretchen Whitmer said during the press release.

The grant was awarded by a panel of education and policing representatives and will be distributed by the Michigan State Police. Through this, districts and academies may use the funds to pay salaries, benefits, and training for school resource officers.

POAM supports this grant that will add much-needed safety measures to protect the well-being of Michigan’s school children. We thank the hardworking individuals who fought for this funding for our schools and local law enforcement agencies. Below is a complete list of the school districts and academies awarded this grant for your review.

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