Ottawa County is looking for a dedicated individual to fill their Corrections Deputy opening in the Sheriff’s Department.

Corrections deputy Job Description

Position Outline:

This position will involve general correctional custody of inmates in a controlled environment at the Ottawa County Jail. This is a full-time, benefited position working at the Fillmore Complex in West Olive, MI.

The Corrections Deputy Officer is expected to perform the following:

  • Will have frequent close contact with the inmate population in confined quarters and may be required to physically restrain inmates as circumstances require.
  • Must be able to work in a highly disciplined and structured environment and be able to maintain order and security.
  • Must be able to act without direct supervision and exercise independent judgment and discretion in responding to emergencies and diffusing potential crises.
  • Must be able to tolerate verbal harassment from inmates without losing composure.
  • Must perform work under established policies and procedures. Assignments and special orders are received from supervisors, who review work methods and results through reports, inspections, and instructions.

Please Note: Candidates must complete a mental fitness examination that measures reading comprehension, writing skills, and situational reading, as well as pass a physical ability test. 



High school diploma or GED required. Associates or Bachelors degree in Corrections related field of study preferred.

Licenses and Certifications

  • Must successfully complete the State of Michigan sanctioned corrections academy and obtain State of Michigan certification as a Corrections Officer within twelve (12) months of the date of hire.
  • Must obtain First Aid and CPR certification within twelve (12) months of the date of hire.
Additional Requirements and Information

The qualified candidate will have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Basic knowledge of applied psychology, sociology and group dynamics, along with knowledge of the principles and practices of criminology.
  • Basic knowledge of Michigan Court Rules.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills and ability to prepare verbal and written reports.  Excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of practical conflict resolution.
  • Sufficient computer literacy to operate, enter, and retrieve data from the LEIN system and obtain LEIN certification. Ability to operate touchscreen control consoles and related equipment.
  • Good driving record. Satisfactory work record and personal history.
  • Working knowledge of security practices and procedures. Knowledge of CPR and first aid.  Working knowledge of bloodborne pathogens protocols.
  • Availability to work any or all shifts, as assigned.
  • Ability to interact positively and professionally with a culturally diverse inmate population with varying levels of communication skills.
  • Ability to maintain behavioral control of inmates from all security levels, as well as the ability to sustain mental and physical stress and to react quickly, calmly, and effectively in emergencies.
  • Ability to work in close quarters.

NOTE:  Employees in this classification must be able to pass an extensive background and security investigation.

Physical Requirements

  1. Must possess sufficient strength, manual dexterity, and mobility to physically search inmates and inmate living quarters, restrain or subdue inmates and/or remove inmates involuntarily from any location within the jail.
  2. Must have sufficient unassisted mobility to access all areas of the jail.
  3. Must be able to stand and/or walk for the entire length of the shift in order to observe inmates.
  4. Must possess sufficient visual acuity with or without corrective lenses to observe inmates, inspect inmate living quarters for contraband, monitor security cameras, and control panel displays and accurately aim a firearm.
  5. Must possess a sufficiently acute sense of smell to be able to detect smoke, fire and contraband carried or being used by inmates.
  6. Must possess sufficient auditory acuity to hear alarms, warning signals, inmate conversations and other sounds indicating inmates engaged in prohibited behavior or using contraband.

Pay Rate and Benefits

  • Salary: $20.23 – $26.90 hourly.
  • For Corrections Officer, Court Services Officer, Animal Control Officer and Clerk Typist II/Matron, please view POAM Bargaining Agreement to learn about benefits and pay scales.

Ready to Apply?

To view the Corrections Deputy’s full description, visit the website. Interested candidates can apply directly through Ottawa County’s employment page.

For more information, contact:

Ottawa County
12220 Fillmore Street
West Olive, MI 48460

Phone: 616-738-4800

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