The Law Enforcement Challenges Against Illegal Trade training

The Enforcement Challenges Against Illegal Trade training session, hosted by United to Safeguard America from Illegal Trade (USA-IT), will feature experts in law enforcement, anti-illegal trade operations, supply chain management, and national security on the panel.

The discussion will include an in-depth examination of illegal commerce and its connections to other crimes, as well as best practices for addressing these growing, convergent security threats and the consequences of unlawful trade. There will be a Q & A following the panel to answer any questions about the Illegal Trade Enforcement training session.


  • Date: Tuesday, July 19th
  • Time: 10 a.m.
  • Location: Virtual training session powered by Livestorm


Industry representatives with extensive experience in the areas of illegal trade, intellectual property, and brand protection will participate in a thorough discussion on these topics and provide insight into what the private sector faces on a daily basis. These firms engage heavily in fighting against global supply chain threats through intelligence-led investigations, the creation of track-and-trace technologies, and proactive risk management approaches.


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