Sheriff’s Office Gives POAM Thanks

We recently received gratitude for bringing attention to new, active shooter training available at no cost to the Huron County Sheriff’s office. Last week we received this letter.

I want to formally thank you for having Dr. Wolf contact me about his active shooter-related training that was held up here on January 12th.

As you know, his coming to us allowed more people to be trained. Normally we have to travel hours away in order to get any specialized training. His two seminars had a combined total of nearly 230 people attend, which not only included law enforcement but it also included schools, churches, banks, hospitals, and others. Training of this type and size has never happened up here before in my nearly 40 years of being in law enforcement. Not to mention, it came free of charge through a MI OSHA grant. You really did us a favor and I appreciate it.

Thanks again,
Kelly J. Hanson Huron County Sheriff

Needless to say, we think all departments should take advantage of these programs to help educate and train staff. As always in our commitment to the betterment of all law enforcement officers, POAM is happy to offer guidance and assistance in directing you to the resources available for your own training programs. You can follow this link to learn more about Dr. Wolf or contact us online with your questions.

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