Brother and Sisters,

In today’s increasingly inequitable society, job loss can be one of the quickest roads into poverty for American workers. Globalization and recession have joined hands to threaten employment in ways unimagined only several years ago. In this environment, saving a worker’s livelihood from unjust discipline or discharge is one of the single most important protections a union can provide.

Unlike our at-will colleagues in the non-union sector who can be discharged for any reason at all, “Just Cause” provides union members with an effective defense against an employer’s arbitrary, capricious, unreasonable or discriminatory action.

Our five-hour, hands-on Discharge and Discipline workshop will provide an in-depth introduction to the principles of ‘just cause’ as well as discuss how those principles are applied in today’s challenging employment environment. This workshop is a must for front-line union representatives, as well as for anyone concerned with the reciprocal responsibilities between workers and management in the unionized sector.


Dennis D. Albers
Extension Program Coordinator III
Labor Studies Center
Wayne State University
656 W. Kirby, 3178 FAB
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 577-2191

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