The Cape Coral Police Department has released video of Officer David Wagoner being shot during a routine traffic stop on April 16, 2011. After pulling over a black Cadillac and questioning the driver, Officer Wagoner walked around the vehicle to speak to the passenger. That’s when he was fired upon point-blank.

The passenger shot the officer three times. Two of the bullets were stopped by his body armor, but the third tore into his abdomen. Even after being shot, the officer was able to not only fire seven rounds at the fleeing Cadillac, but also radio in a description of the suspects car and tell dispatch, “Shots fired. I’m hit.”

The shooter was later found hiding naked in a trash can and was charged with attempted first-degree murder of a police officer. Jury selection for the trial has yet to begin.

Since being treated for his wound, Officer Wagoner has recovered and returned to duty.

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