In Los Angeles, setting ticket quotas is against state law; but in 2010 officers filed complaints against their department saying there was strict demands in place by their captain Nancy Lauer.  This includes a long string of lawsuits against the department in recent years, which has lead many to question the management and integrity of the department. The lawsuits claimed that Lauer was ‘requiring the officers to write at least 18 traffic tickets each shift and demanding that 80% were major citations.’  To make matters worse, officers stated that those who failed to meet the minimums were reprimanded and faced various undesirable consequences that made their jobs difficult.  After what was a long and drawn out court case with the LA police department and 11 LAPD officers assigned to a motorcycle unit, a $5.9 million settlement was approved to resolve two of the lawsuits filed in 2010.

See more information and details about this case here: LA Police win $6M Settlement Over Ticket Quotas

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