Recently in Los Angeles, rapper “The Game” sent a message on Twitter asking his 580,000 followers to call the Compton Sheriff’s office if they wanted an internship—a prank, to be sure, but one that cost the station money and potentially endangered the citizens of Los Angeles in the process. During the time the call center was flooded with calls, several legitimate issues were called in, including spousal abuse, missing person, and two robberies.

While the advent of social media makes this a relatively new kind of situation, Sheriff’s Captain Mike Parker compared the situation with that of the classic “shouting fire in a theater” scenario. It caused a completely unnecessary and possibly dangerous situation.

The department is now conducting an investigation and will turn evidence over to the district attorney; Charles “The Game” Louboutin could potentially face charges if enough evidence is brought. Potential charges include maliciously disrupting or impeding communications over a public safety radio frequency, obstruction of justice or other charges related to delaying a peace officer from doing their job.

However, a more recent report shows that in a statement from Louboutin, he claimed that a friend of his had his phone during the time the questionable Tweet went out, and he was in a photo shoot during that time; Parker says the comments from Louboutin are “interesting” and that the investigation is certainly not over.

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