As POAM President Jim Tignanelli already stated, the primary goal of every law enforcement officer is to come home to their families after their shift is over. But, sadly, that isn’t always the case for every officer, and according to PoliceOne, roadway deaths are the “leading on-duty killer to law enforcement …”

In order to prevent more roadway deaths, PoliceOne explains the top 10 errors made by law enforcement agents while they’re on the road. Here are the first four errors:

10 fatal errors made by police officers on the roadNot wearing a seatbelt

This is perhaps the easier error to correct, which is why it’s No. 1 on the list. PoliceOne states that “close to half of every officer killed behind the wheel were not wearing a seatbelt.” The numbers don’t lie, which is why it’s absolutely crucial that while patrolling your community, you buckle up.

Driving too fast

POAM members issue speeding tickets to Michiganders everyday, which is why we should all know better. Speed can literally kill and puts people other than the driver at risk.

Distracted driving

If you’re reading this on your smartphone while driving, please put the phone down. Distracted driving, or multitasking, is one of the most dangerous activities you can do behind the wheel. With all the technology available to police officers, the days of having just a handheld radio and a notebook in your squad car are over. There’s a time and a place for using your dashboard computer, and it’s not while you’re driving.

Tunnel vision

Have you ever experienced such an intense focus on your target in front of you that everything else is a blur? That’s tunnel vision and it’s becoming a greater problem for officers behind the wheel. PoliceOne writes, “When the lights and siren go on, we often encounter tunnel vision and that combined with driving can be deadly. When you hear your siren, don’t trust your peripheral vision but turn your head and look.” We couldn’t agree more.

For the remaining six fatal errors made by police officers on the road, please read PoliceOne’s “10 deadly errors cops make on the roadways.” Remember to be safe out there, everyone.

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