Nobody likes having a negative reputation and certainly nobody likes living around or traveling through a city with a negative reputation. Unfortunately, with the current economic climate like it is, crime is on the rise. We were contacted via social media channels today and asked a question that, after we thought about it, felt it deserved a little more than a 140 character response on Twitter.

“With police impersonators in Detroit, what is your suggestion if an unmarked police car tries to pull you over?”

While the Police Officers Association of Michigan doesn’t make or contribute to policies dealing with matters like this, we can pass along what law enforcement agencies suggest. If it’s an actual police officer pulling you over, you want them to know that you’re cooperating, so slow your vehicle down. If you’re not in a well-lit public area, proceed to the closest one, but at a slow speed. If you know where the nearest police station is and it’s close by, proceed there, but also at a slow speed. In the meantime, you can also call 911 and give them your location as you’re pulling over or heading to the nearest well-lit area or police station. If it’s a legitimate stop, they’ll know. If not, they’ll send someone.

POAM wants you to stay safe!

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