COngratulations, Wayne County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association!

POAM would like to recognize the Wayne County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (WCDSA) as the featured member group for the month for March 2018. They are POAM’s largest group with well over 700 members who are spread across numerous work locations, including:

Jail Divisions, Field Operations, Wayne County Community College Detail, Friend of Court Enforcement, Tether, Narcotics Enforcement Team, Training Unit, Dispatch, Morality Unit, Marine Unit, Mounted Division, Motor Unit, Sheriffs Dive Team, Special Response Team, SERT Team, Internal Affairs, Municipal Support Unit, Road Patrol, Police Property, Executive Protection Team, Juvenile Detention Facility, County Park Patrol, Transport Unit, Receiving Hospital Security Unit, Security Service, Segregation/Infirmary, Master Control and Classification. 

Due to its sheer size, the union deals with significant issues as one can imagine. The members work under what can best easily described as poor conditions. The county has been under significant fiscal oversight, just less than an emergency manager. POAM, along with the locally elected representatives, were able to negotiate an agreement that surpassed any other union in the county structure.
Every division is served by a chief steward that is elected by the membership. The Chief stewards appoint alternate stewards on each shift. The executive board consists of the President and two Vice-Presidents; each Vice-President handles either policy grievances or disciplinary grievances.

About the President & Vice Presidents

Reginald Crawford is the newly elected President of the WCDSA 2018. Crawford has been a Wayne County Deputy for 11-years (2007), prior employment with Detroit Police Dept. (retired 30-years service) and Atlanta Police Dept. (5-years service).

Crawford is a old school, throwback, back in day labor union activist that marched and has protested for the rights of union member for 48-years. 1969 Detroit Free Press strike, 1973 Chrysler Jefferson Assembly plant takeover, 1980-85 Atlanta Police Officer that organized and fought to unionize Atlanta PD under threat of being fired and jailed. Atlanta PD has a Union today due to this activism.

Corporal Robin Hornbuckle, currently serves as elected 1st Vice President handling policy grievances. She has been working for the Sheriff’s department for 26-years (1992). She is a published author, loves to help the helpless and is passionate about her family both blood and behind the badge.

Corporal Harvey Young, currently serving as recording secretary and benefits representative. Harvey is the most tenured elective officer and worked at the jail facility in Hamtramck.

Corporal LaTanya Enochs, currently serves as elected 2nd Vice President handling disciplinary grievances.

The WCDSA is served by two Business Agents, Ken Grabowski and Dave LaMontaine 

Highlighting Corporal LaTanya Enochs

As mentioned above, Corporal LaTanya Enochs currently serves as elected 2nd Vice President of the Wayne County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (WCDSA) and is in charge of discipline for the membership. Enoch joined the Sheriff’s Office in 1999. During her nineteen-year career she has had the opportunity to serve in majority of job assignments the Sheriff’s Office has to offer:

  • Narcotics/Morality Unit, Central Transportation Unit
  • All three Wayne County Jail facilities &
  • Juvenile Detention Facility (JDF) just to name a few.

Enochs has enjoyed a great career with the Sheriff’s Office, but her accomplishments don’t stop there. She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Eastern Michigan University and Certification in Labor Relations from Wayne State University.

“Serving as 2nd Vice President has been rewarding, challenging, and given me personal growth within the labor movement and this agency. I look forward to sharing and gaining more of the knowledge offered within the POAM structure. Thank you for your support.” – Corporal LaTanya Enochs

POAM Seminar

POAM also recently held a seminar on New Steward Training with the Wayne County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. A few photos from the seminar are included below.

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