Trac Fab Chair Donation To USMC Veteran Jon Smith

This week, Defender Mobility presented USMC veteran Jon Smith with a Trac Fab chair. Read more about the experience from POAM’s President, Jim Tignanelli, experience.

I am honored to have met USMC veteran Jon Smith today! Your prayers and contributions made it possible for me to deliver Jon his Trac Fab chair.

Jon served as a chopper door gunner in Vietnam from 68-71.  Each time it landed, he was covered with the dust of Agent Orange. His ailments are many, but his attitude was humor and positivity. He will be able to load it in his van and he drives every day. Fast learner. Quite a dude.

The photo of the person in black is Dennis O’Donnell. We gave him a chair in ’19 and he asked to come along. They became fast friends today! Thank you!

– President Tignanelli


USMC veteran Jon Smith.
POAM President Jim Tignanelli and USMC veteran Jon Smith.
USMC Veteran Jon Smith and Dennis O’Donnell
Dennis O’Donnell, Defender Mobility chair recipient in 2019, and Jon Smith, the current recipient.

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