MLC’s Tim Ward Embarks on an Awesome Ride for Charity

On Monday, July 10th, Michigan Legislative Consultants (MLC)’s President Tim Ward embarked on an extraordinary journey. His Trace Michigan journey was an adventure and a mission with a purpose. With a passion for cycling, Tim’s main goal is to spread awareness about Chance For Life (CFL), a Detroit-based nonprofit supporting incarcerated citizens.

The plan was to travel 2,400 miles and 22 days throughout the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan, riding on his bike and tying his passions together made the venture even more commendable.

Tim Ward & His Trace Michigan Journey

Tim’s visit to a men’s prison inspired this journey.

“I saw men who were taking responsibility for their actions. They were accountable. They were very forthright about trying to improve themselves… The people who are in Chance for Life, you know, walk quite a journey to improve themselves and go through that program,” Tim Ward said.

Source: 9 & 10 News

To hear from Tim Ward about his passion for riding and CFL, please watch the video below.

About Chance For Life

CFL offers behavioral and life skills to returning citizens and individuals incarcerated in local municipal jails and Michigan Department of Corrections facilities. The program is highly successful, with CFL’s core members having a recidivism rate of just 6%.

In 1999, CFL implemented the first “Transformation Project” at the Mound Correctional Facility. Twenty-five (25) inmates who were leaders of diverse religions and other prison-based organizations were selected to participate in CFL’s long-term training program of Mediation and Communication. As a result of the participants learning how to resolve their disputes using mediation skills and how to pass these skills on to the other inmates (Train-the-Trainer), the Mound Facility saw a 40% decrease in violent incidents among inmates within a year of implementation.

CFL’s outside program follows the same ideology as our inside program: “…be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…” We believe in empowering people to do for themselves through education and opportunity.

Learn more about CFL.

To follow each step of Tim’s journey, go to TraceMiRide.

Featured Photo: Michigan Legislative Consultants

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