POAM supports those who support us!

Dick Garber has been a real friend to POAM and its members.  Because we are thankful for his loyalty to POAM, we couldn’t say no when asked to be part of an advertisement for Garber Automotive. We thought you’d enjoy seeing what was put together.

“I can sum up the reasons I buy my vehicles from Garber in one word and that is “loyalty.” The loyalty the Garber organization and the Saginaw Spirit has shown the Saginaw County law enforcement community, and the Great Lakes Bay Region, has impressed me ever since I started doing business with Garber in 1993. The support and charitable donations I’ve witnessed over the years has been nothing short of amazing. The quality of employees at Garber is also unmatched. Whether it is my sales professional, or my service advisor, the staff has been great to work with since our relationship began. It matters where I buy my car. That’s why I buy from Garber!” Dan Kuhn, POAM Executive Board Member & Business Agent

“It matters where I buy my car, and I buy my car at Garber!”

Last, but not least, Dan Kuhn also participated in a TV commercial for Garber Automotive. You’re famous, Dan!

Garber is loyal to the community, as well as their customers! We’ll keep continuing to support Garber, just as they support POAM.

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