Thank you for your service, SPC E04 Michael Tuttle

President Tignanelli shares a touching message to POAM members about their impacts on others during this holiday season.

Just a quick note to let our friends and members of the POAM know what their generosity helped to accomplish today.

SPC E04 Michael Tuttle died suddenly last week due to a variety of complications that evolved following his service to our country that, ultimately, left him blind and nearly broke. Michael was just 31 years of age when he died in Colorado. After a tough adolescence, he had obtained his GED and joined the military. He served two tours in Iraq in Delta Company/Dark Knights over a 6 ½ year period which had earned him several commendations.

Relationships that have developed through our foundation, Defender Mobility, led one of those who have helped me in the past, to make contact on Thursday, 12/6/2018. It seems that there was a desire to have Michael buried with honors in a veterans’ cemetery near his home in upstate New York and the expense of two plane rides, funeral home services and such were posing a problem. A group from New Jersey that has been helpful on our efforts each year for the injured in Walter Reed Memorial Medical Center, reached out to Defender Mobility.

Our mission statement at DM is “to provide freedom to those who fought for ours.” After a short meeting, the committee determined we were able to provide $2500 towards these expenses. The American Legion Post (NY83) will ensure there is a full Color/Honor Guard with 21 gun salute, an Active Army detail to handle the flag-folding and a 94-year-old WW II D-Day veteran to hand off the flag as he is buried in the National Veterans’ Cemetery in Saratoga, NY.

I know this is the time of year that many think of giving to those less fortunate. Perhaps serving meals at the church or dropping some change into the red bucket of the Salvation Army. I know I am lucky to be surrounded by some of the most generous people in the world associated with and/or members of the POAM. Today, as has happened many times in the past, your generous donations from car washes, 50/50 raffles or just a weak moment allowed me, on your behalf, to do the right thing.

Thank you,


Our mission will never be complete and the generous gifts provided by wonderful people like you are never unnoticed. If you would like to donate to the Defender Mobility organization, please visit their website.

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