Solo Officer Active Shooter Training

In response to the rise in mass shootings, particularly at schools, Chief Shelide of the Shelby Township Police Department wanted to ensure that his officers were knowledgeable and confident on how to respond solo to crises immediately. With an ambitious goal in the late spring of 2022, Chief Shelide asked his top staff to have all of the department trained for solo officer training by Labor Day.  

“The whole goal of the training is to empower them with the tactics and abilities to win the fight and to go in there and do something – anything will help.” Lieutenant Brandon Dowry, the Shelby Township Police Department Training Coordinator, said of the importance of this training.

With response time being so critical and fulfilling the public expectation to respond and contain the situation as quickly as possible, it was essential to build the officer’s confidence to live up to these expectations. Through simulated, realistic crisis events, the Shelby Township Police Department could provide relevant, real-time feedback to improve their teams’ life-saving efforts.

Learn About Shelby Township’s Solo Officer Training Regimen

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