Introducing SEMA Garage Detroit

Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) recently opened its new 45,000-square-foot facility, SEMA Garage Detroit, in Plymouth, Michigan. It is their first research facility solely focused on examining and comprehending the interaction between the Aftermarket and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), assessing their impact and potential collaboration. This allows manufacturers to obtain static calibration for on-board vehicle ADAS systems, including radars and cameras. POAM was able to visit and explore the location.

Who is SEMA?

SEMA is a leading trade association uniting manufacturers, retailers, and various automotive industry players worldwide. Their members create, distribute, and utilize specialty parts and accessories to enhance vehicles’ appearance, performance, and safety. SEMA’s rigorous testing ensures compliance with regulations, including California’s stringent standards, making approved vehicles legal in all 50 states. 

With over 7,000 global members, including major manufacturers like GM and Toyota, SEMA advocates for the industry through lobbying and legislation efforts. As a non-profit organization, they prioritize covering costs and supporting members, including testing checklists to ensure accuracy and safety.

What’s Inside SEMA Garage Detroit?

The SEMA Garage Detroit contains many state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • Emissions and horsepower testing for all-wheel-drive and diesel vehicles
  • Vehicle lifts
  • Fabrication equipment
  • Alignment rack
  • 3D scanning tools
  • Engineering software 

The facility features a 48-inch, all-wheel-drive chassis dynamometer and a new emissions test bench, meeting California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) rigorous 1066 testing requirement standards. SEMA Garage Detroit is fully equipped to conduct all necessary CARB and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) test procedures. The facility’s equipment will help ensure police vehicles meet regulatory standards enforced by law enforcement agencies.

President Tignanelli Reflects on SEMA Detroit Garage Visit

As someone who has grown up around race cars, show cars, and performance cars, I have always been aware of the “SEMA” label. I have delivered displays to their show and attended their show in Las Vegas on multiple occasions. Because of that, I always knew that the SEMA label was not something that someone bought. It was something that had to be earned. Until recently, their headquarters had been in southern California. When I discovered that they had a facility in Plymouth, I knew I needed to visit.

Ben Kaminsky, the general manager of SEMA Detroit, was very welcoming. He allowed me to bring a race car I am associated with to their shop so it could be put through some of their tests. While there, he indicated that he wanted to do more ‘community/civic-minded’ events. He wanted people to know that SEMA is an approachable and friendly neighbor. He offered me their training room for a POAM Executive Board meeting. I asked if we could bring the three most popular police vehicles for him and his team to get acquainted with, and he answered with a resounding ‘Yes!’

Alex McNulty from Canton Township Police Department brought a Ford Explorer, our Secretary John Graver and his chief brought a Charger from Grand Blanc, and Anthony Hall brought a Chevrolet Tahoe from the Livonia fleet. Needless to say, the SEMA team was surprised to see all that goes on inside of a patrol car. They were very impressed while somewhat surprised to see how differently the vehicles are laid out inside.

Your POAM team was honored to see behind the walls of the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association. Our thanks to their leader, Ben Kaminsky.

Next Steps For SEMA

The recent opening of the SEMA Garage Detroit facility enhances testing capacities to ensure the quality of third-party manufacturers’ vehicle parts. With the ongoing development of new police vehicle technology, rigorous testing procedures remain important to improving the performance of police vehicles. 

POAM plans to continue working with SEMA to ensure Michigan police officers are fully equipped with the best technology available to protect and serve to the best of their capabilities.

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