REDFORD, Mich. – The Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM), a full-service law enforcement labor organization, announces the launch of its mobile phone app for members and departments.

POAM’s Mobile App meets the needs and demands of members by providing up-to-date news notifications and related events to iOS and Android devices.

“This mobile phone app is an exciting enhancement. The app will deliver important legislative information and other POAM news. We want to ensure POAM remains at the forefront of flexible and mobile communication,” said James Tignanelli, POAM president.

“Additionally, the app serves as a direct communication outlet for members wherever they are. It’s another example of POAM’s evolution to meet the needs and demands of members for access and support.”

The POAM Mobile App features:

mobile phone app

  • An easy and secure way for members to pay dues.
  • A comprehensive Events Calendar to view and submit upcoming events.
  • Direct contact information for POAM Staff and Board Members.
  • Access to the 24-hour Member Lifeline number, videos, job openings, vendors, and much more.
  • Exclusive app-only giveaways.

Members can download the official POAM Mobile App on the POAM website. Also, members can search “POAM” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For more information about the app and this police association, visit their website.

About Police Officers Association of Michigan

Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM) is a full-service labor organization. POAM provides every labor-related service from negotiations, grievance processing, legal and legislative representation to Act 312 arbitrations.

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