National News Station Asks About Presidential Endorsement for 2024

Michigan Presidential Battleground: Trump Endorsed by Largest Police Union

The recent interview of the Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM) on Fox & Friends shed light on crucial issues facing law enforcement and the nation at large. President Jim Tignanelli, alongside union Business Agents Gregg Allgeier and Dan Kuhn, addressed pertinent topics, notably POAM’s endorsement of Donald Trump for President in the 2024 election.

During the interview, President Tignanelli articulated the reasons behind the endorsement, emphasizing the importance of strong leadership to support law enforcement. He underscored the critical need for governmental support to retain and attract talented individuals to the law enforcement profession, highlighting the challenges officers face in the current climate.

POAM Fox and Friends

Business Agents Gregg Allgeier and Dan Kuhn elaborated on the pressing issue of border security and its impact on law enforcement capabilities in Michigan. They highlighted the strain that increased crime has placed on resources and emphasized the significance of government support in ensuring public safety.

The interview on Fox & Friends provided a platform for POAM representatives to advocate for the interests of law enforcement professionals and the communities they serve in the State of Michigan.

POAM believes that addressing these key issues facing law enforcement will raise awareness and garner support for initiatives that prioritize the well-being of public safety personnel from all arms of government, both state and federal.