Congratulations, University of Michigan Command

This group includes certified police officers and non-certified security personnel covering all three U of M campuses.

These employees have never been unionized, or even had a collective bargaining contact before 2014. Retired president Rob Soichet and POAM Member Services Director Ed Jacques initiated the effort to organize.

Rates of pay, overtime qualifications, seniority, vacations and numerous other issues were points of contention amongst these police supervisors, in lieu of no contract.

POAM Business Agent Greg Allgeier spent countless hours drafting an inaugural agreement and negotiating with the University. Since then, POAM has won on some significant arbitration and established an excellent esperit de corps within the unit.

Note from Greg Allgeier, POAM Business Agent

“Retired Local President and Patrol Sergeant Rob Soichet assembled a great group of people for the negotiation team to represent the entire unit. Security Lieutenant Gerald Bradshaw, Dispatch Supervisor Scott Cook Security, Security Kim Dietz, Security Sgt Mike Dillard Patrol Sgt. Pat Alessi Patrol Sgt. Al Cozart Patrol Sgt.Tom Needham, Patrol Sgt. Jose Dorta, Patrol Sgt. Steve Perkola, and Security Lieutenant Bob Larry all had excellent input and a professional work ethic.

During negotiations, the group had some significant challenges to overcome, to include recognizing Sergeants and Lieutenants as non-exempt regarding overtime compensation. Other hurdles had to be navigated in relation to wage compression and vacation accruals to mention just a few.

Throughout countless bargaining sessions and mediation, the team stayed focused and vigilant. Almost the day after ratification several tenured bargaining unit members of this COMMAND group received excessive disciplines over the course of the next year or so. Working closely with the local representatives, the COAM was able vigorously represent and defend our members and attained positive resolutions on all matters.

This group went from the frying pan into the fire and becoming unionized couldn’t have happened quick enough for them.

I would like to thank all those who assisted me during negotiations with a special thanks to Gerry Bradshaw. I would also like to congratulate Jose Dorta for becoming the new local President.” – Greg Allgeier

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