The tables below are a run down of the candidates POAM endorses for both state and national elections:

Rick Snyder
Secretary of State United States Senate Attorney General
Ruth Johnson Gary Peters Bill Schutte
United States Congress
Daniel Benishek (1st District) Sander Levin (9th District)
Daniel Kildee (5th District) Candace Miller (10th District)
Fred Upton (6th District) Debbie Dingell (12th District)
Mike Bishop (8th District) Brenda Lawrence (14th District)
Michigan Supreme Court
Bill Murphy David Viviano Brian Zahra
Michigan Senate
Coleman Young (1st District) Mike Nofs (19th District)
Bert Johnson (2nd District) Sean McCann (20th District)
Morris Hood (3rd District) John Proos (21st District)
Virgil Smith (4th District) Joe Hune (22nd District)
David Knezek (5th District) Curtis Hertel (23rd District)
Hoon-Yung Hopgood (6th District) Rick Jones (24th District)
Patrick Colbeck (7th District) Jim Ananich (27th District)
Steve Bieda (9th District) Dave Hildebrand (29th District)
Tory Rocca (10th District) Mike Green (31st District)
Vincent Gregor (11th District) Ken Horn (32nd District)
Jim Marleau (12th District) Geoff Hansen (34th District)
Cyndi Peltonen (13th District) Jim Stamas (36th District)
Mike Kowall (15th District) Hayne Schmidt (37th District)
Dale Zorn (17th District) Tom Casperson (38th District)
Rebekah Warren (18th District)
House of Representatives
Alberta Tinsley Talabi (2nd District) Charles Smiley (50th District)
Wendell Byrd (3rd District) Joseph Graves (51st District)
Fred Durhal (5th District) Gretchen Driskell (52nd District)
Stephanie Chang (6th District) Jeff Irwin (53rd District)
LaTanya Garrett (7th District) David Rutledge (54th District)
Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (8th District) Adam Zemke (55th District)
Harvey Santana (9th District) Nancy Jenkins (57th District)
Leslie Love (10th District) Jon Hoadley (60th District)
Julie Plawecki (11th District) Andy Helmboldt (62nd District)
Erica Geiss (12th District) Aric Nesbitt (66th District)
Frank Liberati (13th District) Tom Cochran (67th District)
Paul Clemente (14th District) Andy Schor (68th District)
George Darany (15th District) Sam Singh (69th District)
Robert Kosowski (16th District) Rick Outman (70th District)
Bill LaVoy (17th District) Theresa Abed (71st District)
Sarah Roberts (18th District) Ken Yonkey (72st District)
Laura Cox (19th District) Brandon Dillon (75th District)
John Chirkun (22nd District) Winnie Brinks (76th District)
Pat Somerville (23rd District) Dan Lauwers (81st District)
Anthony Forlini (24th District) Margaret Guerrero DeLuca (82nd District)
Henry Yanez (25th District) Ben Glardon (85th District)
Jim Townsend (26th District) Lisa Posthumus Lyons (86th District)
Robert Wittenberg (27th District) Mike Callton (87th District)
Derek Miller (28th District) Collene Lamonte (91st District)
Tim Greimel (29th District) Marcia Hovey-Wright (92nd District)
Jeff Farrington (30th District) Tom Leonard (93rd District)
Marilyn Lane (31st District) Tim Kelly (94th District)
Andrea LaFontaine (32nd District) Vanessa Guerra (95th District)
Ken Goike (33rd District) Charles Brunner (96th District)
Sheldon Neeley (34th District) Joel Johnson (97th District)
Jeremy Moss (35th District) Kevin Cotter (99th District)
Peter Lucido (36th District) Bruce Rendon (103rd District)
Christine Greig (37th District) Peter Pettalia (106th District)
Klint Kesto (39th District) Ed McBroom (108th District)
Michael McCready (40th District) John Kivela (109th District)
Mary Kerwin (41st District) Scott Dianda (110th District)
Bradford Jacobsen (46th District)
Pam Faris (48th District)
Phil Phelps (49th District)

3 responses to “POAM Endorsements for State and National Elections

Posted by Randy Plante


Randy Plante – Utica PD

Posted on November 3, 2014 at 8:45 AM

Posted by Joe Galbreath

That man has done nothing but screw Law Enforcement every since he’s been in office. I refuse to support your decision to back him. I will encourage my union brothers to drop POAM.

Posted on October 10, 2014 at 6:47 AM

Posted by Antonio Hardwell

I never have and never will support snyder… I do not agree….

Posted on October 9, 2014 at 10:36 PM

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