Congratulations to the Graduates of the Bay County Fire Academy!

POAM would like to congratulate the fall 2013 Graduates of the Bay County Fire Academy on their impressive accomplishment. The fire academy has been completed by five part time paid-on-call firefighters and seventeen police officers.  Trainees started at the academy on June 4th of this year; attending training on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays until their completion on November 9th.  Upon graduation, all of the ambitious Graduates received Firefighter I and Firefighter II certificates after meeting the requirements of the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau of Fire Services/Firefighter Training Division.  From the seventeen police officers who graduated, two hold the rank of lieutenant; five are sergeants, one is a detective, and nine are officers.  Graduates will be deployed as pubic safety officers on December 15th, after they have completed orientation training with the Fire Operations Division.  These officers will proudly join the existing group of public safety officers that are currently working a dual role as both police officers and firefighters in Michigan.  Once again, we would like to congratulate the new public safety officers for their hard work and dedication to the program, along with Monitor Township Fire Chief John Kramer, The Bay City Public Safety Department, staff, instructors, and anyone else who was involved.

For more information on the dual role training and an in depth look at what the officers went through, view this article. Or visit Bay City Public Safety Department.

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