PA 202 & Lame Duck Sessions

Dear POAM Members,

Last December (2017), many of you joined us on the State Capitol lawn urging the legislature to keep its promises. You have worked hard for your pension and health care benefits and those promises must be kept by legislative leaders. Because of your calls, e-mails, and action, we were successful, and the legislature passed legislation to implement recommendations from the Governor’s task force report on local government retirement pensions and health care.


It has been nearly a year since those recommendations were passed and signed into law. We wanted to provide you with an update of how that law is working.

  • The recommendations that were passed and signed into law by Governor Snyder are still being implemented. It will take nearly a full year for the entire law to be implemented and for local governments to comply with the reporting requirements and follow the steps outlined in the new law.
  • Despite the law not being fully implemented, we are seeing very positive signs from local governments that they are following these new recommendations.
  • Since passage of this law, over 380 municipalities have made voluntary contributions to their benefit systems
  • Since passage of this law over 200 municipalities have made individual contributions to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Many local governments are currently creating corrective action plans and working with the MI Department of Treasury to ensure there is the path forward to fund the benefits that have been promised you.

POAM has been actively involved with State officials in the implementation of this law and making sure public safety has a voice at the table. We will continue those efforts daily for you.

Save the Dates

With Election Day just around the corner, the legislative lame duck will begin immediately after. Please save the date for:

  • November 27-29
  • December 4-6
  • December 11-13
  • December 18-20

We will provide regular updates if there are any legislative threats that we need your engagement on!


Kenneth E Grabowski

POAM Legislative Director

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