November Midterm Endorsements

POAM announces their Midterm Endorsements for next month’s election. The table below includes candidates’ names and the political positions they are running for:

Bill Schuette
Attorney General
Tom Leonard
Michigan Supreme Court
Elizabeth Clement Kurtis Wilder
Michigan State Senate
Stephanie Chang (1st District) Curtis Hertel (23rd District)
Adam Hollier (2nd District) Tom Barrett (24th District)
Sylvia Santana (3rd District) Jim Ananich (27th District)
Marshall Bullock (4th District) Winnie Brinks (29th District)
Erika Geiss (6th District) Roger Victory (30th District)
Peter Lucido (8th District) Cynthia Luczak (31st District)
Paul Wojno (9th District) Ken Horn (32nd District)
Henry Yanez (10th District) Jon Bumstead (34th District)
Jeremy Moss (11th District) Curt Vanderwall (35th District)
Jim Runestad (15th District) Jim Stamas (36th District)
Dale Zorn (17th District) Scott Dianda (38th District)
Jeff Irwin (18th District)
Margaret O’Brien (20th District)
Kim Lasata (21st District)
Michigan House of Representatives
Joe Tate (2nd District) Jon Hoadley (60th District)
Wendell Byrd (3rd District) Brandt Iden (61st District)
Karen Whitsell (9th District) Jim Haadsma (62nd District)
Leslie Love (10th District) Matt Hall (63rd District)
Jewell Jones (11th District) Julie Alexander (64th District)
Alex Garza (12th District) Sarah Lightner (65th District)
Cara Clemente (14th District) Beth Griffin (66th District)
Abdullah Hammoud (15th District) Kara Hope (67th District)
Kevin Coleman (16th District) Sarah Anthony (68th District)
Joe Bellino (17th District) Julie Brixie (69th District)
Kevin Hertel (18th District) Christine Barnes (71st District)
Brian Meakin (19th District) Lyn Afendouilis (73rd District)
Matt Koleszar (20th District) Mark Huizenga (74th District)
Kristy Pagan (21st District) Tommy Brann (77th District)
John Chirkun (22nd District) Pauline Wendzel (79th District)
Darrin Camilleri (23rd District) Mary Whiteford (80th District)
Steve Marino (24th District) Gary Howell (82nd District)
Jim Ellison (26th District) Phil Green (84th District)
Robert Wittenberg (27th District) Ben Frederick (85th District)
Brenda Carter (29th District) Luke Meerman (86th District)
Bill Sowerby (31st District) Jim Lily (89th District)
Jeff Yaroch (33rd District) Terry Sabo (92nd District)
Sheldon Neeley (34th District) Graham Filler (93rd District)
Kyra Harris Bolden (35th District) Steve Gerhardt (94th District)
Douglas Wozniak (36th District) Vanessa Guerra (95th District)
Chris Greg (37th District) Brian Elder (96th District)
Mari Manoogian (40th District) Jason Wentworth (97th District)
Michael Webber (45th District) Sarah Schulz (98th District)
John Cherry (49th District) Roger Hauck (99th District)
Tim Sneller (50th District) Scott VanSingel (100th District)
Mike Mueller (51st District) Jack O’Malley (101th District)
Donna Lasinski (52nd District) Michele Hoitenga (102nd District)
Yousef Rabhi (53rd District) Larry Inman (104th District)
Ronnie Peterson (54th District) Sue Allor (106th District)
Rebekah Warren (55th District) Sara Cambensy (109th District)
Jason Sheppard (56th District) Ken Summers (110th District)
Aaron Miller (59th District)

For more information on these candidates, visit their websites and social media pages.

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