In November of 2016, it came to the attention of POAM that other smaller police unions were accusing us of working with the Snyder Administration and the Michigan Municipal League on pension reform and reductions to health care. Per our investigation, we learned of an email from Jim Curran of Karoub Associates, the lobbying firm representing POLC, FOP, MAP and others accusing POAM of such.

Most POAM members know that our Legislative Director, Kenneth E. Grabowski, alerted us to the potential legislation at least a month previous, and weeks before any other police union became aware. POAM had already email blasted every member in our database at least twice before this, instructing everyone to call their legislator to voice their opposition.

So…on the most important issues facing police officers in recent history, why would Karoub Associates and the splinter groups they represent, attempt to smear POAM? Because POAM and our representatives are recognized as the only real voice for police officers in Lansing, and many law enforcement groups have switched their affiliation to join Michigan’s largest police union.

It is regrettable that any police union or their lobbyist would resort to outright lies to offset their losses and weaknesses. We respectfully ask everyone in our profession to join us in defeating this legislation and using our energy to produce a united coalition.

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