In November of 2016, it came to the attention of POAM that other smaller police unions were accusing us of working with the Snyder Administration and the Michigan Municipal League on pension reform and reductions to health care. Per our investigation, we learned of an email from Jim Curran of Karoub Associates, the lobbying firm representing POLC, FOP, MAP and others accusing POAM of such.

Most POAM members know that our Legislative Director, Kenneth E. Grabowski, alerted us to the potential legislation at least a month previous, and weeks before any other police union became aware. POAM had already email blasted every member in our database at least twice before this, instructing everyone to call their legislator to voice their opposition.

So…on the most important issues facing police officers in recent history, why would Karoub Associates and the splinter groups they represent, attempt to smear POAM? Because POAM and our representatives are recognized as the only real voice for police officers in Lansing, and many law enforcement groups have switched their affiliation to join Michigan’s largest police union.

It is regrettable that any police union or their lobbyist would resort to outright lies to offset their losses and weaknesses. We respectfully ask everyone in our profession to join us in defeating this legislation and using our energy to produce a united coalition.

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9 responses to “MAPO Members Misled by Their Own Lobbyist

Posted by Richard Shutter

I too have been associated with P.O.A.M. and know Ken Grabowski very well. He as always had our welfare at heart.. I also remember when Randy Baerlocher started working as a Police Officer. I am very proud to know both of them and know these are guys you can trust your life with.. Keep up the good work..

Posted on March 28, 2017 at 1:11 PM

Posted by Randy Baerlocher

I have been associated directly with P.O.A.M. as a local representative for just about 30 years. This is absurd for anyone to think for a minute that Ken Grabowski would bow down on an issue like this. Kenny’s passion and dedication as our legislative director should not be questioned as he has a long proven record of fighting for us in Lansing.

Posted on December 5, 2016 at 12:05 PM

Posted by Walter Tripp

Sounds llike a war on Law, Fire & 1st responders. I saw the 40 minute procession after Church to the Cemetery for the WSU Police Officer who was killed in Detroit. It shows that the community cares for Their Police & Fire people. A person who may be in the US (legally) like many we may know, not even an American citizen, looking for the American dream is treated FAR better then the people who give up their time working holidays weekends double and night shifts overtime, 2ND jobs their health and life. Always there where when people call for help. But who do we call when WE need some help. It appears no one in Lansing does from their safe and secure enviorement and benefits. We’re not rich enough or poor enough. BUT if we were poor enough maybe we can be eligible for some of the Government benefits enjoyed by non working non citizens. Currently THE GOVERNMENT PAYS for 1 person for foodstamps $ 197/ month, medical insurance premiums of $ 427/month not including around $ 2/hour for childcare, $725/month to take care of a sick family member (actually pay to take care or yours parents !!!), & if your disabled (the fraudulently scammers) $ 925/ month not including housing and cash in hand usually in the $100/ month. I am not criticizing the intent of welfare, it serves a purpose. I was eligible for 2 months of food stamps when Hamtramck had payless paydays for how many months in a row in the late 80-90’s. If they take away our benefits as we understood we all had, can they refund me all the Christmas’s and school plays etc I missed. What’s next, the bank takes away your house after you make your last 30 year payment. I hope & pray that President Elect Trump would take a look on what we call a war on Police & Fire with the same enthusiasm as he did with Carrier. Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas to all, stay safe and may GOD bless US ALL. ..

PS if anyone sees PE Trump or any politian you can pass what I said on to them…

Posted on December 3, 2016 at 9:25 AM

Posted by Peter Lusis

I have known Ken Grabowski since he was a Redford Police Officer. He has always had the Police Officers best interest first and foremost. He has never let the Police Officers down and I am sure that is not going to change now.

Posted on December 3, 2016 at 12:19 AM

Posted by Charles Lux

Snyder met with the POAM about Right to Work legislation and lied to POAM’s face. Lied about taxing pensions for police. So quit beleiving any thing Snyder says. He constantly lies to police and fire organizations. He has to many ties to the Koch’s and DeVos groups who want to get rid of unions.

Posted on December 2, 2016 at 5:35 AM

Posted by Al McNeal

Really? Accusing Poam of being in on the “fix”? Really? From people that know better. Shameful!

Posted on December 1, 2016 at 8:16 PM

Posted by Tom Scheafer

Poam is the 800 lb. gorilla in Lansing. I know because I get involved when they need member participation at political events or initiatives like this one. It’s unfortunate that leads to animosity from other unions, but we need to be together on this attack. MAP, FOP, POLC–join your brothers and sisters from POAM in Lansing for the rally on Dec. 6.

Posted on December 1, 2016 at 7:56 PM

Posted by Harry Valentine

I have known Ken Grabowski for many years. He has always stood up for police officers and I have always said if I was in a situation I would want Ken on my side

Posted on December 1, 2016 at 7:43 PM

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