Congratulations, Roseville POA!

“Special recognition this month goes to our good friends in the City of Roseville. I was trying to establish when Roseville first joined POAM and it took some serious digging to find out. I’ve personally been a member since 1980 and on the board since 1985, but could not remember a time when Roseville wasn’t with the organization! I did remember that Bill Powell, a Roseville officer, was president of the POAM in the mid 80’s!

According to my research, it appears that the Roseville POA and Roseville Clerical Alliance has been part of POAM that entire time! MERC files show 1985 for patrol, 1995 for Command and, perhaps, 1978 for clerical!

Roseville POA History & People

I’ve been representing the patrol group since 1995. I’ve seen at least four chiefs and even more city managers than that, too. During that time, I have had so many good friends in the Roseville department. They’re truly class guys. Great local leaders have moved into supervisory positions from time to time only to be replaced by new non-sups which continued to be loyal to their members and loyal to POAM. There’s simply no substitute for good local leadership and I’m glad that I’ve been blessed to work with some of the best at Roseville.

It takes special people to work in Roseville. The town has changed some but continues to move forward with activities that create a true hometown atmosphere. More recently, the chief (who I taught EVO to in his academy!) had the undesirable recognition of the James B. Golden Award at the 2017 POAM convention. I frequently hear, from chiefs and sheriffs, that the POAM gives out two awards to administrators each year. One is worth displaying to visitors and friends and one, unfortunately, is one you hope no one hears about. That would be the Golden Award.

Numerous hints over the years had been ignored and, finally, the list of “achievements” had grown to a point where recognition was warranted. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to predict how one might react to such special recognition. NEWS FLASH! I am told by my members that things have calmed down, that the place has taken a new attitude. Perhaps good news!

Thank You from POAM

The men and women of the Roseville Police Department, patrol and command, have always hung in there and they always do their jobs. I know they are ready to show bygones are bygones if that is where we are headed. They always do their jobs! Some of the very best don the Roseville uniform.

We’ll keep a close watch. Perhaps their chief will be the SECOND administrator to have his award “rescinded”. Some years back, the Genesee County Sheriff had his award “rescinded” and things have been more than tolerable there ever since. This is one award no one would mind giving back! We shall see! I’ll be listening.

Thanks to all of you who do the job every day and special thanks, this month to my friends in Roseville! Congratulations on being POAM’s Featured Member Group of the month!” – POAM President, Jim Tignanelli

2 responses to “July 2017 POAM Featured Member Group: Roseville POA

Posted by Dave Raymer

This article showed up in a Facebook memory and brought a smile to My face!!

Posted on August 3, 2022 at 8:39 AM

Posted by Bob Chuchran

I was hired in January 1980 to the Roseville Police Dept and was a member of the P.O.A.M. right away. If my memory serves me right they were the Union since the early 70’s.
P.O.A.M. is a great organization to represent our guardians in blue

Posted on July 10, 2017 at 8:41 PM

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