Joe Walker, a member of POAM Leadership, authored a fantastic article for CorrectionsOne.

“This is why Joe Walker is part of the POAM leadership team.  He’s a true leader among his peers.” – James Tignanelli, President POAM

The vital (and hidden) role of sheriff’s correctional deputies: Sheriff’s correctional deputies aren’t nearly in the public eye as often as LEOs, firefighters or EMS professionals, but they still play a vital role in public safety” article was published March 23rd, 2018 and it’s one we wanted to share with all of our POAM members.

In it, Joe answers questions like:

  • What does a sheriff’s correctional deputy do?
  • How do you become a sheriff’s correctional deputy?
  • What are the characteristics of a successful sheriff’s correctional deputy?
  • What risks do sheriff’s correctional deputies face?

“Sheriff’s correctional deputies have an important and vital role in public safety. So why are they mostly forgotten?

Their beat is largely out of sight, out of mind to our communities. Sheriff’s correctional deputies aren’t nearly in the public eye as often as police officers, firefighters or EMS professionals. They are always confined to the county jail, their area of patrol.

It’s time that we recognize these largely unknown public safety professionals for the critical service they provide and the sacrifices they make for the betterment of our community.” – Joe Walker, CorrectionsOne article

Read the full article on CorrectionsOne website HERE.

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