We recently received this message from the wife of a police officer and member of POAM member. It’s something we’ve heard often and felt compelled to share to all members of POAM and their families.

To all fellow police spouses,

Being a police spouse can be emotionally trying at times. For many of us, this is even more so lately. Even with a good support system, sometimes friends and family have a difficult time relating to the specific challenges and unique circumstances of being a law enforcement family.

I wanted to reach out to other spouses to see if there’s any interest in a private Facebook group where we could connect to other wives, support each other and our families, and learn from one another. If you’re interested, please contact me at michiganLEOW@gmail.com.

– Heather


We hope that many law enforcement spouses will be interested in this private Facebook group and that support can be felt and given by all.



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