False Statement About Who is Helping To Defund the Police

To all our honorable law enforcement officers and members,

We think it’s common knowledge among Michigan law enforcement officers that Ford Motor Company, headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, produces very exceptional police vehicles. In fact, Ford Motor Company produces approximately 65% of all police vehicles, especially the Police Interceptor, used all over the USA at every level.

The POAM became aware of a news article that Ford Motor Company was donating millions of dollars to help “defund the police” through the Ford Foundation. The created confusion is understandable, but the Ford Foundation is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company. We contacted Mary Culler, President of the Ford Motor Company Fund, Ford’s charitable arm of the company. This is her response to the articles:

Thank you Police Officers Association of Michigan,

Ford Motor Company and the Ford Foundation are completely separate entities and have operated independent of each other since the mid-1970s. Ford has no control of the Ford Foundation’s grant-making policies or decisions. Ford’s charitable arm is the Ford Motor Company Fund.

Ford is proud to be America’s long-time leader in producing police, emergency, and first responder vehicles. Our Police Interceptor vehicles are by far the top choice of law enforcement and other emergency service agencies across the country.

To be clear, Ford believes racism, abuse of power, and repression in law enforcement must be addressed and stamped out wherever they exist. Good law enforcement agencies and officers play a critical and positive role in our communities, but safety and fairness must be inclusive of all, everywhere.

Contrary to some misinformed stories online, neither Ford Motor Company nor the Ford Motor Company Fund has provided funding to any campaign to “defund the police.” Rather, through technology and innovation, Ford will continue to play a positive role in promoting more safety and accountability in policing and produce even safer police vehicles. Ford will continue to work closely with local and state police associations across the country on positive solutions.

Stay Safe and keep up the hard work!

Mary E. Culler

President, Ford Fund

Detroit Development Director

Chief of Staff, Office of the Executive Chairman | Ford Motor Company | World Headquarters

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