Ella French is our George Floyd

With the climate in the world today, it’s increasingly hard to find opinions with amplification that speak on behalf of law enforcement. Defund them, but come when we need you quickly. The messaging told to the public is confusing and biased, depending on the need for a click that day.

The Detroit News reporter Nolan Finley recently penned a strong article comparing the recent senseless execution of Chicago Police Officer Ella French. He compared this incident to what happened with George Floyd. Notably, there is a dissimilar outcry from the public for justice.

With citation and credit, we are reposting his article as we feel it calls notice to the obvious.

Ella French - RIP
Ella French – Photo Credit: Chicago Police Department

Ella French should become the symbol of the Blue Lives Matter movement. As I say in my column today, French’s death should spark no less outrage than that of George Floyd, which triggered the Black Lives Matter protests.

French, 29, was the policewoman gunned down by a punk during a traffic stop in Chicago last weekend. She was the model police officer. She came from the community she served and was dedicated to improving the lives of the people who lived there.

French was a good cop doing her job to keep the rest of us safe. And now she’s dead. French is the 46th police officer to die in a felonious attack this year. 

It’s time for America to stand up and demand an end to the coddling of violent criminals who suddenly believe police are fair game. 

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