We had the honor of being visited by the now nationally known “Donut Boy.” He’s ten-year-old Tyler Carach, and he’s basically our favorite little hero.

The Donut Boy Visits MICHIGAN

POAM had the pleasure of donating all the donuts that were passed out yesterday and spending a little time with Tyler. To date, Tyler has visited 30 states and passed out more than 60,000 donuts as a “thank you” to Police Officers.

“I asked my mom, “Why are they so happy over a treat?” And she let me know that they weren’t just happy about the treat, they were happy because I was saying thank you.” – Tyler Carach

Local media 9&10 News picked up the story, which you can read more about HERE: http://www.9and10news.com/2018/06/05/nationally-known-doughnut-boy-visits-mt-pleasant/

From POAM and all of the police officers you thanked in Michigan, we send our own thanks. You’re truly a great kid!

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