The call to help a person in need is instilled in police officers, whether on or off duty – saving a life isn’t always aligned with their working shift. Police officers must be able to act quickly and decisively to assess the situation and take the appropriate action. That is what Deputy William Webster of the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department did in June 2022.

A Simple Lunch with a Life-Saving Emergency

On June 22, Deputy Webster, Sergeant Jordan Wade, and Deputy Broecker were attending a training event at Delta College. During their lunch break, they visited a local family restaurant. It was a crowded and bustling spot during the lunch rush. Suddenly, the restaurant grew restless. Looking around, a panicked waitress approached them, asking them if they knew how to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

Tuscola County DSA's William Webster | Police Officer of the Year Awards - May 2023 | POAM
Tuscola County DSA’s William Webster and POAM Business Agent John Graver.

Each officer is trained to provide this life-saving action, but only some perform the life-saving action outside of training. Springing into action, all three officers rushed to help an elderly female with her hands around her throat, indicating she could not breathe. Deputy Webster immediately took action and administered abdominal thrusts to dislodge the food from her throat, and quickly, his actions allowed the woman to speak, indicating she could breathe again. She was able to resume her day without needing medical attention.

The actions of Deputy Webster undoubtedly saved her life, as other officers on the scene noted she was losing color and likely about to become unconscious. The situation could have been much worse if it wasn’t for Deputy Webster’s quick actions.

A Trusted Professional Ready to Act

Deputy Webster has served the Tuscola County community since January 2020, as he was the first to be sponsored through the academy by the department. This was the first time he had performed the life-saving technique since receiving his training at the academy, and it shows the importance of learning such skills – one may never know when they need to use it.

Police Officers Association of Michigan recognizes officers who take immediate, often extraordinary acts of courage to protect the lives of others. Deputy Webster’s actions in June are a testament to his commitment to serving the community. POAM is proud of Webster’s quick thinking, which saved a life. We thank him for his service to the community in June 2022, and there is no doubt he deserves the recognition of Police Officer of the Year for 2023 for his actions and is awarded accordingly – thank you, Deputy William Webster.

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Posted by Sheila Hebner

Congratulations to a FANTASTIC Law Officer! Knowing Will personally, this does not surprise me~a reward well deserved!

Posted on May 30, 2023 at 10:32 AM

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