Michigan Election Volunteers

Poll Challengers Needed, Volunteer to Work the Election

Many precincts are unmanned by representatives from both parties leaving them ripe for voter fraud. Michigan election volunteers are needed to help out in this election season.

Michigan Conservative Coalition is a volunteer off-duty position to oversee the election process in percent polls and in absentee voter counting boards. Many are still needed in Wayne, Oakland, Genesee, Ingham, and Macomb Counties.


Poll challengers receive a simple 1-hour training and help to:

  • Ensure that each citizen is only able to vote once per election
  • Ensure that the person who casts a ballot is the person registered to cast that ballot
  • Ensure that only citizens are allowed to vote
  • Ensure that every vote is counted (poll voters, absentee voters including deployed military personnel)
  • Ensure that each vote cast is secured in a manner that makes it plausible to conduct a high integrity recount

Join hundreds of other concerned citizens in protecting the vote on election

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If you are interested in becoming one of Michigan election volunteers, contact GuardtheVote@gmail.com to get trained! Or share the post and/or document below with someone who may be interested.


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