Sister of Fallen Officer is Raising Funds to See Him Added to the Law Enforcement Memorial in DC

Saginaw City police officer Gary McCullen was tragically killed while on duty on December 8, 1967. Patrolman McCullen was shot and killed by a bar owner when he and two other officers entered the bar seeking the suspects. The bar owner stated he mistook the non-uniformed officers as potential robbery suspects. The suspects that the police entered the bar to search for were wanted in connection with the robbery of a bowling alley and two bars earlier in the evening, resulting in two other officers being shot.

This incident occurred nearly 25 years before the Law Enforcement Memorial was opened in Washington, DC. Officer McCullen’s name has been recently added to the wall. His sister, Mary Hines, wants to attend the memorial service in DC this year during National Police Week.

Family and Sister of Gary McCullen
Mary Hines pictured with members of the Saginaw POA and COA along with POAM Business Agent Doug Wortley.

Members of the Saginaw City Police and Command unions are raising money to assist in the cost of her trip and asking the community to consider donating to this fundraiser.

Donate to the Fundraiser

For those interested in donating to the fundraiser, contact the Saginaw Police department at (989) 759-1289 or by email at

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