Consider Eagle Creek Academy for Child’s School Choice

The Eagle Creek Academy is a private school that serves children in preschool to 8th grade in Rochester Hills, Michigan. This academy offers the newest technology, specializes in very small learning groups, advanced math, challenging academics, hands-on activities, Spanish lessons, and celebrated diversity.

For your membership with POAM, Military, Police, and Fire pay $6,300 per year for your child’s enrollment at Eagle Creek Academy.

Our Mission

Eagle Creek Academy’s mission is to prepare your child for an increasingly global and technological world by engaging them with the most recent technology, using hands-on activities, and teaching high-level math.

Why Choose Use?

55% of their K-8 children test one year up in math and are doing math at an advanced level. According to their NWEA standardized test scores, every Eagle Creek Academy grade level is averaging well above the national norm in both math and reading. Additionally, 54% of their K-8 children are reading at least one grade above their grade level. 100% of their students study Spanish.

Our Accreditation

Eagle Creek Academy is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) for meeting high standards in safety, health, parent communication, teacher qualifications, and challenging curriculum.

Our Curriculum

Also, the academy teaches in small groups to tailor lessons to the children’s personal strengths and needs. For children who are gifted, talented and eager, they offer advanced math groups and passion projects. Offering full-time school counselors, they are happy to meet with parents about their personal goals for their children.

Our Teachers

There are 16 core teachers of preschool through 8th grade with an average of 6 years at Eagle Creek. Plus, these teachers have 16 years as lead teachers in their own classrooms and 19 years in education. On average, there is one core teacher for every 9 students.

Interested in eagle creek academy?

Contact us to schedule an Eagle Creek Academy tour by email,, or by phone, (248) 475-9999.

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